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Dryer Repair Mississauga

Are you looking for dryer repair in Mississauga? Don't wait to get it repaired, call Appliance Repair Direct now and let our expert technicians diagnose and fix the issue. We specialize in repairing all kinds of appliances, including refrigerators, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washers, and dryers. Our team uses only high-quality replacement parts and tools to ensure that your appliance runs efficiently. With our affordable and reliable services, you can avoid the hassle of buying a new appliance and get back to your daily routine. Contact us today to schedule your repair service and let us take care of your appliance troubles in Mississauga.

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Complete Warranty

Each repair is covered by a service and parts warranty

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A Team of Certified Technicians

Our technicians have been trained by and licenced by all major household appliance manufacturers

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Free Service Call with Every Repair

We keep our prices low by waiving the service call fee for any repair service performed by an authorised repair technician

Get quality Dryer Repair services in Mississauga from Appliance Repair Direct. With dependable solutions and open communication, our dedicated staff is ready to handle your dryer problems as soon as possible. Arrange an appointment with our expert technicians for your servicing now by getting in touch with us.

Key Features/Benefits of Choosing Us for Dryer Repair Mississauga

Why Choose Us for Dryer Repair in Mississauga?

Urgent dryer issue? Contact us now to enjoy the ease of same-day repairs. Our quick service seeks to minimize problems and quickly restore your dryer's functionality.


  1. What safety measures do your technicians follow during dryer repairs in Mississauga?
    Our first concern is safety. Our experts in Mississauga diligently follow stringent industry-standard safety procedures. By providing themselves with the necessary safety gear, they guarantee a safe working environment. Our qualified technicians and your peace of mind are guaranteed by our constant dedication to safety in the repair of your dryer.
  2. Is there a follow-up after the dryer repair to ensure everything is working well in Mississauga?
    Yes. Our commitment to making sure you're satisfied extends beyond the repair appointment. We start a follow-up after our knowledgeable technicians in Mississauga have expertly resolved the problems with your dryer. This demonstrates our dedication to your peace of mind and the long-term efficiency of your appliance by making sure every part is operating without a common issue.
  3. Do you provide tips for maintaining my dryer after the repair in Mississauga?
    Of course. We think that providing our customers with knowledge is important. Our skilled technicians in Mississauga not only fix your dryer but also provide insightful advice on how to keep it maintained properly. These useful tips are intended to assist you in maintaining the best possible condition for your appliance, increasing its longevity, and ensuring continued functionality after repairs.
  4. How long does a typical dryer repair service take in Mississauga?
    Depending on how complicated the problem is, the entire time frame might change, but in Mississauga, our main objective is to deliver prompt, effective, and excellent service. Our hardworking technicians strive to get your dryer back up and running as soon as possible by cutting down on the amount of time it takes for repairs.
  5. How do I prevent common major issues with my dryer after the repair in Mississauga?
    Our technicians help Mississauga homeowners avoid common dryer problems by offering helpful advice and customized recommendations. By adhering to these recommended maintenance procedures, you can contribute to the long-term functionality of your appliance and guarantee its immediate efficiency following repair.


Why choose appliance Repair Direct

We are a local, family-owned and operated appliance repair business. Having worked on all major brands, you can depend on our knowledge and skills to get your appliance up and running.

Our company is known for prompt responses, reasonable rates, and reliable appliance repairs. We have many longtime customers, and over half of our new customers come to us through referrals from other satisfied customers.

What Are People Saying About Us

We always work hard to achieve customer satisfaction. We are proud to have hundreds of five - star reviews from our happy customers

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Jason DeJean 2 weeks ago
Star Star Star Star Star

I’ve used Sergei numerous times and have never been disappointed! He’s worked on appliances that some wouldn’t touch. He’s made him self available with short notice. Excellent service and very fairly priced. I trust him with all my appliance repairs.

logo-user logo-user
Shahily Garcia 2 weeks ago
Star Star Star Star Star

Appliance Repair Direct provides an excellent customer service! You call them, and within a short period of time your appliance is running again like brand new! I totally recommend their services!

logo-user logo-user
Nikita Greene (Mykyta Hryn) 2 months ago
Star Star Star Star Star

Excellent service!! Very friendly, professional, and great prices. Our washer stopped filling on the rinse cycle. We were able to describe the issue while making the appointment and when he arrived, the part was already in the truck. Washer was fixed with only one appointment needed. We highly recommend Appliance Repair Direct!

logo-user logo-user
Oleksandra Hanziuk 2 months ago
Star Star Star Star Star

Best technicians I have ever deal with. Excellent service in a very short timeline. Helped me to solve my problem when I have thought to buy a new dryer. Thanks guys, you helped me to save my money

logo-user logo-user
Brad Campbell 2 months ago
Star Star Star Star Star

I have used this company several times over the years. They are my go to whenever I have any appliance problems. Sergei is always prompt both on initial contact and arriving for appointments. He’s also very honest and good at what he does. I know I can trust him. I would highly recommend Appliance Repair Direct!

logo-user logo-user
John Rnjak 2 months ago
Star Star Star Star Star

We’ve been using service of this company for many years, for variety repairs. And today, as our dishwasher was already due for replacement, we’ve bought a new one, and sure enough, we’ve called Sergey, he was quick to respond, and he installed it for us. We highly recommend this company. John

logo-user logo-user
van M 3 months ago
Star Star Star Star Star

Sergey from Appliance Repair Direct helped us thrice in our time of need. At first it was a leaking fridge and the other two times the dishwasher(two different issues). I reached out to him and he arrived at our house within two hours and fixed our appliances. He really knows his stuff and I’ve recommended him to our friends as well.

logo-user logo-user
Shahram Shirani 3 month ago
Star Star Star Star Star

I have used this service for repairing our washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and installation of two dishwashers. He is very knowledgeable, professional and honest. He is also very pleasant and prompt. Have used his service for many years and have been happy every time. Strongly recommend.

logo-user logo-user
Antonio Viera 5 months ago
Star Star Star Star Star

We have been using Appliance Repair Direct for many years now, for household appliance repairs. They are prompt to respond, provide efficient services at competitive prices. I would recommend Appliance Repair Direct.

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