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Oakville Appliance Repair

Are you in need of professional appliance repair services in Oakville? Call Appliance Repair Direct now and let our team of skilled technicians take care of your appliance troubles. We specialize in repairing all types of appliances, including, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washers, and dryers. We use only the highest quality replacement parts and tools to ensure that your appliance is restored to its optimal performance. With our quick and reliable services, you can avoid the hassle of buying a new appliance and save money in the long run. Contact us today to schedule your repair service and let us take care of your appliance needs in Oakville.

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Appliance Repair Oakville

Offering expert fridge, dishwasher, and dryer repairs for increased home comfort and efficiency, Appliance Repair Direct is the go-to option in Oakville. Ensuring transparent and reliable solutions that are customized to Oakville's needs, our services include comprehensive warranties, certified technicians, free service calls, same-day repairs, and eco-friendly practices. Consider Appliance Repair Direct as your best option for appliance repairs in Oakville because of our flexible scheduling, current industry knowledge, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Fridge Repair Oakville

Appliance Repair Direct takes pleasure in improving the efficiency and comfort of Oakville homes through skilled appliance repairs. We are the area's go-to refrigerator repair service. For prompt and dependable fixes to common appliance problems, our committed staff of qualified technicians specializes in refrigerator repairs. Benefit from our extensive guarantee, licensed refrigerator technicians, complimentary service calls, same-day repairs, upfront pricing, and customized maintenance schedules. Appliance Repair Direct offers flexible scheduling options, up-to-date industry knowledge, responsive customer service, locally trusted expertise, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction when it comes to Oakville fridge repair. We want you to be completely satisfied with our service from beginning to end, not just with the fridge repairs we do.


Dishwasher Repair Oakville

For reliable dishwasher repair services in Oakville, choose Appliance Repair Direct. Our committed team takes pride in making sure your kitchen appliance is dependable. We want to improve your whole experience, which is why we offer important features and benefits like a full warranty, qualified technicians who specialize in dishwashers, free service calls, same-day repairs, affordability without service call fees, and open feedback. Choosing us ensures local knowledge, quick responses, fair prices, and a customer referral program for special benefits. In the event of an emergency, we ensure prompt and effective repairs along with extended business hours for your convenience. We offer eco-friendly dishwasher repairs in Oakville that are in line with your values, making us the company of choice for such services thanks to our environmentally conscious operations. By using specialized, reliable, and eco-friendly services, Appliance Repair Direct can improve your dishwasher repair experience.


Dryer Repair Oakville

Enjoy the efficient dryer repair services that Appliance Repair Direct has designed specifically for Oakville. We take pleasure in offering fast fixes to guarantee the best possible dryer performance. Take advantage of features like a customer referral program, a comprehensive warranty, free service calls, same-day repairs, certified technicians with a focus on dryers, affordability without service call fees, and all of these benefits. Sustainable and eco-friendly dryer repairs are our specialty thanks to our dedication to environmentally responsible practices. We keep you informed at every stage of the repair process because transparent communication is fundamental to our professional service philosophy. Appliance Repair Direct is the company to contact when you need the most recent information and experience in the industry, and it has a strong local reputation and trust. Oakville residents can rely on us for transparent, trustworthy, and environmentally friendly dryer repair services.


Oakville Geo FAQs

  1. Where is Oakville located?
    Situated in Ontario's Halton Region, Canada, Oakville is a beautiful town. Located near Toronto, major cities, and a picturesque waterfront, Oakville is a popular destination for travelers. It is placed along the shores of Lake Ontario.

  3. What is the population of Oakville?
    Around 220,000 people called Oakville home as of my most recent knowledge update in January 2022. Referring to recent census data is advised for the most up-to-date and accurate population estimates as this number may have changed.

  5. What is the weather like in Oakville?
    The climate in Oakville is traditional Canadian, with distinct seasons. Summers are humid and hot, and winters are marked by low temperatures and snowfall. A varied and aesthetically pleasing climate is produced all year round by the mild temperatures and colorful foliage that come with spring and fall.

  7. How can I get to Oakville?
    Oakville is easily reachable via several transit options. By car, major routes like the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) offer convenient access. The closest major airport for travelers arriving by air is Toronto Pearson International Airport, and commuters can also take advantage of GO Transit services.

  9. What are some popular attractions in Oakville?
    A variety of attractions can be found in Oakville, such as the historical Oakville Museum, the picturesque Bronte Creek Provincial Park, Coronation Park, a recreational area, and a bustling downtown with distinctive stores, eateries, and cultural institutions.

  11. Are there any parks or green spaces in Oakville?
    The wide variety of parks and green areas in Oakville improves the quality of life for its citizens. Famous examples include the golf-loving Glen Abbey Golf Course, the scenic waterfront parks along Lake Ontario that offer peaceful places to unwind, and the vast trails and outdoor activities of Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

  13. Is Oakville a safe city to live in?
    Many people consider Oakville to be a safe city with a low crime rate. Oakville's reputation as a safe and desirable place to live is a result of the community's dedication to safety, well-kept neighborhoods, and efficient local law enforcement.

  15. What are the educational institutions in Oakville?
    There are several prestigious educational institutions in Oakville. Renowned for its programs in technology and the arts, Sheridan College is a well-known post-secondary educational establishment. The town also has a range of private and public schools, giving its citizens access to a wide range of educational options.

  17. Are there any annual events or festivals in Oakville?
    Oakville is a culturally diverse community that benefits from a plethora of vibrant annual events and festivals. All year long, a vibrant and interesting atmosphere is created by locals coming together to celebrate the arts, music, and various cultural experiences through events like the Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival, Oakville Family Ribfest, and Midnight Madness.

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Complete Warranty

Each repair is covered by a service and parts warranty

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A Team of Certified Technicians

Our technicians have been trained by and licenced by all major household appliance manufacturers

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Free Service Call with Every Repair

We keep our prices low by waiving the service call fee for any repair service performed by an authorised repair technician


Why choose appliance Repair Direct

We are a local, family-owned and operated appliance repair business. Having worked on all major brands, you can depend on our knowledge and skills to get your appliance up and running.

Our company is known for prompt responses, reasonable rates, and reliable appliance repairs. We have many longtime customers, and over half of our new customers come to us through referrals from other satisfied customers.

What Are People Saying About Us

We always work hard to achieve customer satisfaction. We are proud to have hundreds of five - star reviews from our happy customers

logo-user logo-user
Jason DeJean 2 weeks ago
Star Star Star Star Star

I’ve used Sergei numerous times and have never been disappointed! He’s worked on appliances that some wouldn’t touch. He’s made him self available with short notice. Excellent service and very fairly priced. I trust him with all my appliance repairs.

logo-user logo-user
Shahily Garcia 2 weeks ago
Star Star Star Star Star

Appliance Repair Direct provides an excellent customer service! You call them, and within a short period of time your appliance is running again like brand new! I totally recommend their services!

logo-user logo-user
Nikita Greene (Mykyta Hryn) 2 months ago
Star Star Star Star Star

Excellent service!! Very friendly, professional, and great prices. Our washer stopped filling on the rinse cycle. We were able to describe the issue while making the appointment and when he arrived, the part was already in the truck. Washer was fixed with only one appointment needed. We highly recommend Appliance Repair Direct!

logo-user logo-user
Oleksandra Hanziuk 2 months ago
Star Star Star Star Star

Best technicians I have ever deal with. Excellent service in a very short timeline. Helped me to solve my problem when I have thought to buy a new dryer. Thanks guys, you helped me to save my money

logo-user logo-user
Brad Campbell 2 months ago
Star Star Star Star Star

I have used this company several times over the years. They are my go to whenever I have any appliance problems. Sergei is always prompt both on initial contact and arriving for appointments. He’s also very honest and good at what he does. I know I can trust him. I would highly recommend Appliance Repair Direct!

logo-user logo-user
John Rnjak 2 months ago
Star Star Star Star Star

We’ve been using service of this company for many years, for variety repairs. And today, as our dishwasher was already due for replacement, we’ve bought a new one, and sure enough, we’ve called Sergey, he was quick to respond, and he installed it for us. We highly recommend this company. John

logo-user logo-user
van M 3 months ago
Star Star Star Star Star

Sergey from Appliance Repair Direct helped us thrice in our time of need. At first it was a leaking fridge and the other two times the dishwasher(two different issues). I reached out to him and he arrived at our house within two hours and fixed our appliances. He really knows his stuff and I’ve recommended him to our friends as well.

logo-user logo-user
Shahram Shirani 3 month ago
Star Star Star Star Star

I have used this service for repairing our washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and installation of two dishwashers. He is very knowledgeable, professional and honest. He is also very pleasant and prompt. Have used his service for many years and have been happy every time. Strongly recommend.

logo-user logo-user
Antonio Viera 5 months ago
Star Star Star Star Star

We have been using Appliance Repair Direct for many years now, for household appliance repairs. They are prompt to respond, provide efficient services at competitive prices. I would recommend Appliance Repair Direct.

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