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Refrigerator Lights Not Working

18 April 2024 2:00 Refrigerator Lights Not Working

We all know the importance of light in a fridge, especially when we want to grab something quick in the middle of the night. However, what should you do if the refrigerator lights are not working as soon as you open the door? We’ll provide options and information that will help fix this problem.

Before You Start

It is necessary to understand how refrigerator lights work before diagnosing an issue. The lightbulb used in your fridge compartment or freezer, which turns on once its door has been opened, is merely an average 120-volt incandescent light bulb. Electricity is supplied through internal wiring of the refrigeration unit to this socket, similar to any other incandescent bulb, albeit smaller sized and usually lower wattage; commonly, these are sold as 25-40 watt “appliance bulbs” that can fit into various household appliances requiring illumination.

Door switches turning off lightbulbs in refrigerators. The refrigerator door room uses a door switch to turn the light on and off. Further explanation on how it works. When the door is opened, the light turns on because the switch is pushed by the door. The opposite occurs when the door is closed, and the light turns off because the switch is released by the door.

Easy ways to fix a fridge light that isn't working anymore. Quick checks and simple repairs to do. If it's still not working after trying the simple fixes, then maybe you need a new door switch or might have to call in professional help.

Instructions to Follow

Check the Lightbulb

If the light in your fridge is not lighting up, this might indicate that the bulb has expired and gone out. Examine the bulb to see if it contains a black mark or if its filament is loose or broken. Shake the bulb and listen for a jingling sound to check if the filament is damaged inside. Typically, you can find special appliance bulbs of about 25 or 40 watts at a local hardware store. Firstly, disconnect the fridge from the power supply, then replace the bulb, and most likely, your problem will be solved.

Check for Power

Surprisingly often, it is a simple power interruption that causes the light to stop working. Problems that can cause this include:

Check the Switch

If you haven't already discovered why the light bulb has gone out, it's possible that a stuck or faulty door switch could be to blame. When the door is open, look inside the door frame for a plunger-type switch lever. To test it, push it in and out several times to see whether this frees it up. These buttons can occasionally become stuck over time due to dirt or dust accumulation, and in such cases, simply wiping them off with warm, soapy water on a cloth may help loosen them again.

Now and then, a door switch may stop working entirely. If everything is functioning okay and you can't find any reasons or problems for the lights not working at all, the last thing you can do is replace the door switch itself. This switch is often held in place by nothing more than a putty knife or flat-head screwdriver, so usually, it can be easily pried out from its mount. Typically, there will be a couple of wire leads attached that come off just as easily when they're unplugged. After purchasing a new switch designed specifically as a replacement according to what your manufacturer recommends and hooking up those wires again, reinsert this device back into where you found it originally.

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Making sure your refrigerator's light works properly is very important for convenience and safety, especially when you typically store a lot of your foods or have a grocery for the month. Make sure to follow these easy-to-do steps: checking the lightbulb, verifying power sources, and inspecting the door switch; you can quickly resolve issues and restore functionality to your refrigerator's lighting system. Be sure to check the best refrigerator and freezer repair near your area, such as Appliance Repair Direct. Get a free quote today so you can enjoy a fully-functioning refrigerator.

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