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Refrigerator Runs Constantly

17 April 2024 2:00 Refrigerator Runs Constantly

There are a few main reasons why your refrigerator runs constantly, and maybe you don’t know what to do anymore. We’ve collected the top reasons why and quick tips to enjoy your refrigerator without a hassle.

Too Hot Inside

Check the user manual of your refrigerator and make sure it says that you have configured temperatures for both your refrigerator and freezer according to manufacturers’ settings. Most of the time, freezers should be set at a standard 0-5°F while refrigerators should be set between 35-38°F, but this might vary slightly from one brand to another, so refer to your manual. Most of these push-button controls or temperature dials are used to regulate most fridges’ temperatures.

Defrost Thermostat Malfunction

The defrost thermostat function is an important part of the defrost system that controls the ice from building up or running constantly in the freezer. It functions by monitoring the temperature of the evaporator coils and sending a signal to the defrost heater to thaw any frost when they become too cold.

However, if an error occurs with this device and it cannot communicate with the heating element, then frost will accumulate on these coils, thereby blocking off cold air circulation. Consequently, all day long, the fridge runs in its bid for self-preservation by staying cool. A defective defrost thermostat will show no continuity during the multimeter test and must be replaced professionally.

Condenser Fan Motor

When a refrigerator runs continuously, the most likely cause is that its condenser fan motor has broken down. This fan blows cool air across condensing coils, which are responsible for removing heat from refrigerants hence generating chilled air used by fridges. If this blower fails, then it means there won’t be enough cooling effect on gases thus making the compressor work overtime so as to lower temperatures.

Therefore, one can tell if there’s something wrong with their fridge’s condensing fans by checking whether or not there is an increase in warmth between deli drawer and freezer sections.

Read more about “Troubleshooting Guide: Fixing a Faulty Refrigerator Icemaker” on our blog page today!

Condenser Coils Are Dirty

A dirty condenser coil can mean that your refrigerator never stops running. This coil is where the refrigerant flows to release heat and make cold air for the fridge.

When covered with dust or dirt, they won't cool the refrigerant well enough, and its temperature may rise inside the fridge. The result? Your compressor will be on constantly, trying to keep things cool!

How to Clean Your Refrigerator Condenser Coils

Maintaining your refrigerator's condenser coils clean makes up for the efficiency preserved and will make you enjoy it for a longer period. Remember these easy steps to keep your coils devoid of dust, dirt, and debris:


To conclude, making sure that the right temperatures are always observed, fast action towards any malfunctions, and cleaning the condenser coils regularly are among the key measures to take if you want your refrigerator or freezer to work well for long without using much energy. If you follow these tips for caring for them, you won't have to deal with problems like them not stopping at all points or breaking down, which will save on time and money spent fixing them since this involves both refrigerator and freezer repair. Look for the best refrigerator and freezer repair near your area, such as Appliance Repair Direct. Get a free quote today so you can enjoy a fully-functioning refrigerator.

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