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Why Is My Fridge Freezing Food? | Appliance Repair Direct

11 May 2024 10:00 Why Is My Fridge Freezing Food?

Ever open your fridge, brimming with confidence to grab a refreshing drink, only to be met with a rock-solid carton of milk? Or worse, discover your entire fruit and veggie drawer transformed into a frosty graveyard? The culprit? A fridge that's gone rogue, turning your carefully stored groceries into unintended popsicles. But, "Why Is My Fridge Freezing Food?" Fear not, fellow food-storage warriors! This post will crack the code behind fridge freezing and equip you with the knowledge to keep your groceries chilling (but not literally).

Temperature Trouble: The Prime Suspect

Let's face it, the most likely reason your fridge is playing freeze tag with your food is a temperature control issue. Here are the top contenders:

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